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Staffing Solutions

Get help in managing your staffing, payroll and contract workers.

Have a requirement to manage payroll members in your team? Have a fast growing team and want a dedicated management system for managing the payroll of your employees?

We excel in managing and procurement of hiring and staffing needs for your organization. Our services include contract staffing, employer-of-record staffing, temp-to-perm staffing and part-time staffing. We also help you get started with managing payroll, taxes and compliance, work tracking and benefits management.

How It Works?

1. Booking online

Get in touch with our service representatives to get a quote or book a service.

2. Work Status

We onboard your employes and setup employee management portal for your organization.

3. Management

We manage the processes for your staff and provide you detailed reports.

As a part of our IT Recruitment package, we provide complete end to end solutions to manage your company staff and assist in various staff management services like payroll, invoices, timesheet, contract pay etc.

Key benefits of our service

We provide hassle free consultancy for staff management. Starting from hiring and timesheet tracking to payroll and tax management.

  • Completely transparent process.
  • Comprehensive payroll and staff management.
  • Detailed invoice and payslip generation with our tools
  • Centralized and hassle free management with invoicing

Contact us today at 18444 ANFITS (263487) or Request a Job Estimate online!

You imagine it, we build it!

We are committed to help our clients build their software products at the most optimized cost possible. We also help recruit, retain and nurture the best talent for your organization.


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